Governance, Risk
& Compliance

When your goals are aligned with the principles of good governance, it not only leads to a more resilient and financially stable organisation, but it also helps to inspire confidence with investors and the community at large.

ESTONE offers a team of experts that can provide the right governance framework for your corporate structures.

We are able to draw on the deep knowledge and experience of your team in the complementary areas of law and regulatory advisory services to offer a solution for our clients’ anti-money laundering (AML) and counter-terrorist financing (CFT) systems, including the provision of suitably qualified and experienced individuals to act as Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Reporting Officer for financial services providers in compliance with their obligations under the regulations in Mauritius.

Other services include:

• Risk assessment and investigations
• Development and enhancement of policies and procedures
• Implementation of effective ongoing customer due diligence measures and risk profiling procedures

Other Services